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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  December 16, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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looking for a new way to get their kids to school.. how many buses are being taken out of service.. and why. plus.. asking tough questions about police brutality. the major hearing in oakland today over recent claims of officer misconduct. good morning... i'm sydnie kohara and i'm robert lyles. time is 4:30. a cold morning out there.. tracy humphrey has more on the storm coming this weekend. teeth chattering cold out there as well. tracy is standing by in the pinpoint weather forecast center to give us an idea of what we can expect. >> teeth chatteringly cold.
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>> it's cold outside. will be cold one more day. one more dry day before the rain moves in, and the wind will be a part of our forecast for several days. we'll take a hook at your complete forecast in a few moments. how about your traffic? i have elizabeth. was it teeth chatteringly cold this morning? >> i like that line. we'll stick with that. >> here is a live look at the neighborhood toll plaza. so far light, but construction begins on the new bay bridge tower. crews trying to get in as much work as possible on that before the storm tracy has been talking about comes through our area. so right now looks good. but again, that construction work continue. so don't look. that always makes you want to look. don't look. here is the upper deck of the bay bridge. a hit road work near oakland and treasure island. should be wrapping up near five. but moving well in both directions. meantime, back up to you.
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teeth chatteringly cold. thanks very much. it is 4:31. never had to worry about this when we were going to school. thousands of kids now have to find a new way to get to school. let's go to sharon chen to explain the cost-saving move. sharon, did you have to take the bus when you were a kid? >> i did for a little bit. but for the 3,000 plus kids who now rely on the san francisco school buses, they're going to have to find another way to get to school. the unified school district board of education voted 6-0 to cut service by more than half to save more than $2 million a year. it cost the district $100,000 to run each bus, and the examiner reports the district faces a $113 million budget deficit. the cut would affect the elementary and middle schools. there are no buses serving the high schools. most of the children affected live in the southern and southeast part of the city, and nearly three quarter of them are black, asian and hispanic. the school board is reviewing
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the system in part because last spring it approved using home addresses for determining school september reducing the need for buses. right now there are 44 yellow school buses, serving 59 schools in the san francisco unified school district. it could drop down to 25 buses when all of the changes take place. school officials say they are going to map out the changes in mid-january, and the changes would take place over the next three years. sidney? all right, sharon. thanks very much, sharon chen in san francisco. the contra costa county expert in forensics will be back in court today in the preliminary hearing for seven suspects in a richmond rape case. he testified yesterday that dna evidence from four of suspects was found on the victim of the body or at the scene of richmond high school. another witness told the court the 16-year-old victim suffered numerous square residents, including swelling of her brain. six about iraq police officers are a step closer to the unemployment line after
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receiving pink ships from the city earlier this year. the department let go of all of its 20 community service officers, according to the contra costa times. the police chief says that's a chance the jobs could be saved if the city and the officer's union reach an agreement on concession. 4:34. the naacp hold a must be hearing this morning over recent claims of police brutality in oakland. this coming just a day after the chief of police ordered a federal investigation into the fatal shooting of derek jones. oak police department has been under investigation for several years and is under court order to address police misconduct. chief anthony bats and mayor- elect gene kwon are expected to attend. new reports show california regulators were concerned about peg safety heeding up to the san bruno explosion. this morning the san francisco chronicle is reporting the puc sent the utility a letter a year ago warning them about potential safety problems in
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its gas distribution system. the letter suggests that pg and e was having trouble following federal law and putting the public at risk. it chips that workers were not properly train to check for gas leaks, and the utility did not follow guidelines when it linked up gas lines with different pressure. the san bruno city council approved a plan to demolish three more homes too damaged to live in, bringing the total number of homes destroyed to 38. the blast on september also claimed the lives of 8 people. pg and e will pay the city $90,000 for the demolition. a big surprise at the old virgin mega store on market street in san francisco. a car containing four women crashed through the front doors and into the lobby last night. there was one minor injury, but no one hit as the car crossed the sidewalk on its way into
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the vacant store. the pressure on to finish the suspension tower of the new bay bridge, but weather could get in the way. this is a live look. caltrans has been working around the clock to finish the third section of the tower by next friday, christmas eve. initially the minnesota was to finish by sunday; but a storm in the forecast is expected to slow them down. we have enough time to do it as long as we aren't pushed too hard by the weather. >> the suspension tower is made up of five sections and hold up the eastern section of the bridge. once the section is complete, the tower will already be over 370 feet high. 436. the house could vote as early as today on president obama's $858 billion tax package. the senate overwhelmingly approved the measure yesterday. it will save americans thousands of dollars in taxes over the next two years, reduce social security taxes and
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extend jobless benefits. the bush era taxes were set to expire january 1st. some house contracts believe the taxes for the wealthy should be scaled back. the fate of the military's don't ask don't tell policy is in the hands of the senate. yesterday house voted 250 to 170 to repeal the 1993 policy that banned military recruiters from asking about sexual orientation. supporters of the bill say the senate may have enough votes, but it may not make it through in time before congress breaks for recess. it is 4:37. this morning president obama comment on his government's new assessment of conditions in afghanistan and pakistan. a release just hours ago says the u.s. is on track to start withdrawing troops in july. it says the u.s. and other nations are showing progress in weakening al-queda and the taliban. but the gains are fragile and reversible.
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in particular, the report says the recent summer in military and civilian resources has reduced the taliban's influence with locals. 4:38. another quick look at weather and traffic. tracy we're looking at the seven-day out hock. we know there's rain in there, but also looking at sunshine. >> have you ever heard of a thing calledno what's ark? i heard of the frog drowner, what they called it in the south. >> yeah. a deluge moving into the intrair. that's because we have a consistent amount of rainfall through tuesday. yeah, so it will get wet. now let's start off two the cheat chatteringly cold temperatures mr. lowell referenced earlier. 37 in concord, 30 degrees in fairfield mid 30s in napa, saint rowa 36 in san rozelhe, 38 fremont, 40 in san jose, 39 in redwood city, in the mid 40s from san francisco to pacifica. a cold start, a chilly start with patchy fog expected this
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morning. for the afternoon, sun and clouds, but temperatures are still trending cooler than average. we'll take a look at the storm moving toward the bay area. when does it get here? how much rainfall are we talking about? and how high will the winds get? we'll take a look in a few moments. making me nervous, tracy. sound ominous. a storm is blowing through. all right. on the roads all we're dealing with now is a lot of roadwork. northbound 880 and the connector ramp is going to be completely closed for a little while, until 4:00 this morning. there are detour signs in place if you are headed toward the san mateo bridge, traffic is light across the ban. the right side of the screen, that is the commute direction, westbound 92. looking good a 13-minute drive time between hayward and the peninsula. >> in the south side, we have a few rest of roadwork, southbound 101, the incident between story road. one lane blocked this morning
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and on southbound 280 at winchester, more roadwork there as well. in the meantime out of downtown san jose, looking great. a couple of highlights there approaching the 880 interchange. mass trans it, everything rolling along on time. a nice start here as well. community and caltrans everything on schedule. remember our radio partners kcbs. that's your traffic. back up to you. all right, his both, thank very much. 4:40. they have you paying the extra fees. how much airlines are now hiking ticket prices. it is mom versus mcdonald's. why one sacramento woman is taking the fast-food chain to court over happy meals. plus -- >> i figured someone might use it. i'm not using it. >> looking to rent out your ride. a little cash made off your car. ,, in the power of we.
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we can tackle the tough challenges we face and build community through service and volunteering. it's time for you to raise your hand, go to and get involved in something you believe in. are you with me?
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rainfall moving in as early as tonight. a look at your forecast coming up. tracy, thanks so much. 4:43. a mother and daughter from san francisco have sued mcdonald's for what they say is deceptive marketing. the suit alleges koidz mcdonald's is violating kate's unfair competition law by targeting children with offers of free toys along with its happy meals. the lawsuit says the meal combinations contain too much fat, sugar and salt. san francisco is a step ahead. starting next september, the city prohibit restaurants from including toys unless the meals meet nutritional guidelines. a whole new way to rent a car. two san francisco start-ups playing match maker between people who have cars and people who need one. july watts on the consumer
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watch takes us on a test drive. jeff broderick and steven segal just met. but the 20 something graphic designer is about to let the 40 something physician use his acura for a price. >> i charge $8 an hour or $40 a day. >> it's called peer to peer car lending. segel arrange the deal through a san francisco startup. its pitch, rent a car from someone nearby. >> go on a web site and see what cars are available on the neighborhood, and then pick the one that suits you, and i'm wearing black today, so -- a black car. >> we wanted to come up with an idea to improve how people get around. >> reporter: jessica scorpio was one of the company's founders. >> we let the car owner set the rates. so there's nice cars in the system that are 12, 14, $15 an hour, and we've also seen rentals go for $0, $0 an hour. so each car in the system has
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its own personality. >> reporter: like this $0 an hour nissan 2003 sentra or this bright yellow hum their rents for 17.75 an hour. get around takes a 30% commission on each deal and provides free insurance for the term of your rental. >> so there's no risk to the car owner at all when they're sharing their car. >> reporter: there's also no fee to join. unlike competitors, the two more established company maintain their own fleet of vehicles. >> and i think this is a good use of my car. figured someone might use it if i'm not using it. >> and steven seeingel sold on car sharing, too. he hopes to add another car to get around fleet. >> as soon as i get one, i'll put it on the web site as well. >> on consumer watch, cbs 5. no clunkers, though. get around only accepts cars made after the year of 2000. car renters have to be over the age of 20 and have a good driving record. another car sharing company opened its doors in san francisco this weekend. that one is called relay rides.
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well, airlines are increasing their rides, their fares by up to $10 per round trip. the hike started with american airlines which boosted fares on flights over 5,000 miles. it said it had to, supply and demand as well as a recent jump in prices in fuel prices. you are being charged for that. . but it is being matched by eight other airlines. >> just in time for the holidays. how close do you live near the freeway? could that put your child at risk for autism. the conclusion one study found. plus -- when you know you've done everything right it's a lot easier to sleep at night. >> from being fired to the shooting death of a disabled man to receiving top honors, the long road for five san francisco police officers. and she risked her life to fight off a gunman with her purse. what was going through this woman's mind during a
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terrifying school board shooting. ,,
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the holidays. a u-s official said the threat report is being taken seriously.. but there is no intelligence indicating there's a specific o officials say the threat report is being taken seriously, but no intelligence indicating there is a specific or credible threat against the u.s. homeland. the official indicated the u.s. remains individual hasn't, especially during the holidays, especially in light of the incident last christmas. you'll recall the underwear bomber that was a failed attempt to blow up an airliner over ceo troit. and the nigerian man accused of trying to blow up the airliner will be in court today. he'll be arraigned on two new charges, conspiracy to commit terrorism across national borders, and possession of a destructive device. 4:49 this morning. hearing from the heroic woman who intervened in a school board shooting in florida.
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linda little on the used her purse to knock a gun out of the shooter's hands. she missed. she told reporters she didn't know what she was thinking. >> i don't think anything was going through my mind except the fact that these guys were like sitting ducks, lined up like pigeons on a wire, and i couldn't leave them without at least trying to divert or somehow or other defuse the situation or buy some time. >> little on the crept up behind the man yesterday as he aimed a gun at her fellow board members. you can see him there. duke was upset because his wife had been fired by the district. he shot at board members before being shot by a security guard. duke then turned the gun on himself. five officers are given the san francisco police department's highest award for bravery. they were awarded the gold medal of valor for their actions after a high-speed chase in 2004. police shot cameron boyd from oakland to death when they say he reached for a gun. the case was in the news for years after boqd's family sued,
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and the courts common rated the officer. >> it feels good to get the medal, of course; but just staying up there and hearing the incident replayed was very emotional. i didn't want to hear it. i'm ready to let it go. >> police were chasing boyd for allegedly trying to kidnap two women. they say he fired at officers during the pursuit, and a gun was found in his car. well, good morning. heading out the door, make sure you're bundled up. we have cold temperatures out there, in the 30s this morning. mid 30s in napa as well as santa rosa, 36 degrees in san rafael. 30s in san valeo, mid to upper 30s in concord and livermore, 38 degrees in freemonth and the mid 40s from san francisco to pacifica. so it is going to be a cold start to the day, a chilly start to the day, and patchy fog as well, temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to the
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mid 40s. for the afternoon, sunny and clouds and temperatures slightly below average. a cold afternoon; but you know what? it is december. here's a look at what we're expecting, one more dry day. today another nice day, but take a look at what's behind us here, a low pressure system, bringing in quite a bit of rain and wind to the bay area as well as wind and snow for the sierra. for the sierra today, partly cloudy conditions, but a winter storm watch will be in effect through friday, saturday and also sunday. they could see winds gusting as high as 60 miles per hour and up to 30 inches of snowfall at lake level. friday we have rainfall moving in and windy conditions across the bay area. saturday, sunday and monday, still a continued chance of rainfall. and don't forget tuesday and wednesday. yeah, more rainfall expected as we move into the beginning and the middle of next week. that is a look at your soggy seven-day forecast. how are you doing, elizabeth?
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pretty good. you mentioned the sierra. if planning to head up to the mountains, tahoe, no chains required for now. as you heard tracy mention, storms abrewing, so right now no chain requirements on interstate 80 or highway 50. they are required, by the way, on highway 88 near peddler hill. but for now, you're good to go. a live look near applegate. closer to home, all of our approaches to the bay bridge a nice start to the morning commute. if it does rain by 4:30 tomorrow morning, this could be a completely different story. but for right now, very good as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of the overnight roadwork has been wrapping up early. for awhile, the ramp from northbound 880 to westbound 92 was shut down. they have reopened it already just ahead of schedule. so you're good to go if headed toward the san mateo bridge. and the drive out of the altamonte pass, so far problem free. a nice easy light drive time from the altamonte pass to if 80 toward the dublin
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interchange. farther south taking a hook at the valley commute. the ride is an easy one out toward san jose. we are on twitter now. our traffic department is on twitter. so if there is a hot spot or if you have a traffic question, go ahead and check us out. cbs5 traffic on twitter. that is your weather and traffic. back to you. governor schwarzenegger is leaving office just as he came in, with a party paid for by outside interest groups. tonight the governor will attend a farewell party in sacramento being funded by hobbyists and special interests. the california chamber of commerce and fake are among the organizations that sought contributions for event. the sacramento bee is now reporting that one appeal sought tax-deductible donations of $25,000 for this miami rabble evening. words of warning to dietary supplement makers. why the fda is cracking down on
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product ables. a new report shows heart disease could be hereditaryly. randall pinkston explains. >> reporter: the government has issued a warning to dietary supplement makers. the fda sent a letter saying they could face criminal charges if they sell desenttively labeled products. weight loss, body building and sexual enhancement products the most common type of illegal supplements. the fda says tainted products could cause stroke, organ failure and death. if you have heart disease in your family, your risk of problems could be higher than previously thought. a new report from the american heart association says women have a 70% increased risk of having a heart attack if a parent had one early in life while men have double the risk. if your brother or sister has heart disease, your risk of getting it doubles. . and about 48 million americans or 1 in 6 get sick each year from food-borne illnesses according to estimates from the centers for
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disease control. the cdc says the vast majority of the cases are not severe, but about 3,000 cases are deadly. small and e. coli among the most common food-borne illnesses. tips include separating meat and produce while preparing foods and cooking meat and poultry to the right temperatures. those are some of the day's top medical stories. i'm randall pinkston, cbs news new york. they could be connection between autism and living near a freeway. researchers report that mothers living near freeways are apparently twice as likely to have babies with autism than those living farther away. the business wire reports earlier studies had linked air pollution to developmental problems in the fetus. . it is 4:56. a possible roadblock in the bay bridge construction project. how tomorrow's storm could delay progress in the new tower. why the wheels of the bus won't be going round and round
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for thousands of san francisco public school student. that story coming up. . >> as robert mentioned, construction on the new bridge continues this morning. how it may impact the morning commute coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. new this morning, why thousands of bay area children will have to find a new way to get to school next year. >> we carry guns. and we have the right to take human life. and so we should be open to all questions by everyone. oakland police answering some tough questions. the hearing today over allegations of police brutality. good morning, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm robert lyles. it is thursday, december 16. time now, 4:59. crank up the heater, thursday is starting off quite chilly. tracy, it is teeth chattering. you gave me grief but i hold up to it. >> robert needs to man up. it's not that cold out!


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